Scott Smiths All Animal Expo | Come for the animals, stay for the comradery!

A note from Scott Smith

Hello, I'm Scott Smith. Let me start off with a few things about myself. I've been a bodyguard, played semi-pro football, and yes even a pro wrestler. The two questions I get most are... How tall are you? and... How much do you weigh?. I'm seven feet tall and I weigh about 400 pounds. I have had animals in my life as long as I can remember. At 10, I had a collection of toads and salamanders in the window wells of our house. Now that I'm much older, I have had some very cool exotic animals. I have had ring tailed lemurs, lesser bush babies, prairie dogs and my favorite right now are my skunks.

So why is this Scott Smith's All Animal Expo? Well, Lee Watson and I were talking about his show, The Watsons Reptile Swap. He was trying to find a new location to have his show because he had just sold his property. I found a place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and Lee took me in as his partner. Together we turned it into the Scott Smith's all animal Expo.

They say if you like your job you never have to work a day in your life. I absolutely love what I do with the show. To me it's about educating people. I love the look on a child's face when they find the animal that is meant for them. Please feel free to ask me any question you would like…Even how tall I am!

Latest News

Important 2/4/17 Show Information Re: Live & Frozen Rats

Because a few cases of the Seoul virus (a hantavirus) were traced back to a couple of ratteries in Illinois, the DuPage County Health Department has banned us from offering rats–live or frozen–at our expo on Saturday, February 4th only . We are the ONLY ones affected by this ban. Pet shops are still allowed […] Read More

CSSC Serama Competition

Table Top and Pet Chicken Show July 17th, 2016

The Chicago Spirit Serama Club is holding a table top competition at our show on Sunday, July 17, with ribbons and trophies for all the winners.  Everyone with a chicken (of any type) is welcome to enter the Pet Chicken and Dressed UpChicken Contests, which are always a ton of fun.  Click on the links […] Read More

Jeff Taylor of Total Pets Plus at Scott Smiths All Animal Expo

Vendor Spotlight Total Pets Plus

Next show: This Saturday June 4th! One of the things that we wanted to do with the All Animal Expo website was not only help promote the Expo itself, but also the amazing group of people that help make the show possible….our Vendors!  So we came up with a new series we are calling our Vendor […] Read More

Scott Smith's All Animal Expo March 20th 2016 - Photo by Mark Adams

Next show, Expo Pics and Vaccinations!

Just a quick note that we are back in the big building for our show tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and their animals.  Remember if your cat or dog is in need of vaccinations you can get them at the expo!  More information below on that from Chicago Mobile Veterinary Services.  Our last show […] Read More

Penguins Kangaroos Otters

What animal would you like to see?

Yesterday I asked if you wanted to see penguins, otters or kangaroos. I think I left some important information out. The Otters and Penguins would be in a 1500 gallon tank. There would be no hands on with them. The kangaroos would be in a pen. There would be hands-on with them so with this […] Read More