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A note from Scott Smith

Hello, I'm Scott Smith. Let me start off with a few things about myself. I've been a bodyguard, played semi-pro football, and yes even a pro wrestler. The two questions I get most are... How tall are you? and... How much do you weigh?. I'm seven feet tall and I weigh about 400 pounds. I have had animals in my life as long as I can remember. At 10, I had a collection of toads and salamanders in the window wells of our house. Now that I'm much older, my wife and I have had some very cool exotic animals. We have had ring tailed lemurs, lesser bush babies, prairie dogs and my favorite right now are our skunks.

So why is this Scott Smith's All Animal Expo? Well, Lee Watson and I were talking about his show, The Watsons Reptile Swap. He was trying to find a new location to have his show because he had just sold his property. I found a place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and Lee took me in as his partner. Together we turned it into the Scott Smith's all animal Expo.

They say if you like your job you never have to work a day in your life. I absolutely love what I do with the show. To me it's about educating people. I love the look on a child's face when they find the animal that is meant for them. Please feel free to ask me any question you would like…Even how tall I am!

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Christmas Show December 21st!

We are excited to announce we will be having penguins at our Christmas show on 12/21/2014!  This will be a show you do not want to miss, bring the whole family for fun with animals and even Santa Claus!


2015 Show Dates!

Month Saturday Sunday January 3rd 18th February 7th 15th March 7th 15th April 4th 19th May 2nd & 30th 17th June No Show! 7th July 11th No Show! August 1st 18th September 5th 20th October 3rd 18th November 7th 15th December 5th 20th


Our new website is almost here!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a new to you! We hope the site brings a clean, fresh look to the animal expo and will be a source of information in the near future. One of the items Scott wanted to include on the site are care sheets. Quick informational […] Read More