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Hello, I’m Scott Smith. Let me start off with a few things about myself. I’ve been a bodyguard, played semi-pro football, and yes even a pro wrestler. The two questions I get most are… How tall are you? and… How much do you weigh?. I’m seven feet tall and I weigh about 300 pounds. I have had animals in my life as long as I can remember. At 10, I had a collection of toads and salamanders in the window wells of our house. Now that I’m much older, I have had some very cool exotic animals. I have had ring tailed lemurs, lesser bush babies, prairie dogs, skunks, birds, dogs, and cats.

March 17, 2019 Grizzly bear cubs with
Scott Smith at the #AllAnimalExpo

So why is this Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo? Well, Lee Watson and I were talking about his show, The Watson’s Reptile Swap. He was trying to find a new location to have his show because he had just sold his property. I found a place at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and Lee took me in as his partner. Together we turned it into the Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo.

They say if you like your job you never have to work a day in your life. I absolutely love what I do with the show. To me it’s about educating people. I love the look on a child’s face when they find the animal that is meant for them. Please feel free to ask me any question you would like…Even how tall I am!

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Fabulous Easter potluck lunch with all today’s vendors. Food was delicious, and everyone went home stuffed ... See MoreSee Less

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I can't take any credit. This was all Gail Watson...

You guys are awesome thanks for making reptiles easy for us to get too... Happy Easter all!!! 👍😉

Happy Easter !! 🐰🐣 Looks delicious

The 1st people to sit in the hashtag chair. Heres your VIK PASS. #allanimalexpo #aae ... See MoreSee Less

The 1st people to sit in the hashtag chair. Heres your VIK PASS. #allanimalexpo #aae

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My daughter sat too 😆

where did you find a chair that bg??

We’ve got lots of frogs, turtles, chameleons. #AAE #frogs #turtles ... See MoreSee Less

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Where can I get one of each ??

We had a very enjoyable day with super good friends and looking at all the exotics animals. . Thank you so much Scott and all the Vendors for putting on an awesome show.

Any bearded dragons?!?

ill be picking up[ a pacman!

Where i can go to see the animals because I want a chameleon

Cool! I’m looking for a Pardalis Pardalis.

Will you have all those tomorrow also ?

Any box turtles 🐢?

Jamie Lynn!!!

Some of the snakes arriving at the Hammond All Animal Expo today #AAE #ballpythons #boas #ratsnakes ... See MoreSee Less

Some of the snakes arriving at the Hammond All Animal Expo today #AAE #ballpythons #boas #ratsnakesImage attachmentImage attachment

5 days ago

Scott Smith's All Animal Expo

The only chair that makes him look small! #AAE #AllAnimalExpo ... See MoreSee Less

The only chair that makes him look small!  #AAE #AllAnimalExpo

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Love how that looks like a semi normal chair 😂

Gina Koester Brown

Sad to miss the next few shows in Wheaton... but, Mellow Mammals will be back in mid May! Have a great show everyone!

Actually it just looks like he's slouching 🤣🤣

Bringing a van filled with 12yr old girls! Interaction erases fears and b.s. of God's scalier & hairer creatures...

would hate to have to carry that around..

Miss everyone! Hope to return soon! After I’m all healed up.

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