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Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo is proud to announce we will have Kangaroos at our January 18th expo! The kangaroos will be brought to the All Animal Expo by Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin Dells. You don’t want to miss your chance to see Kangaroos up close and personal. Visitors can take pictures and possibly even pet a real kangaroo!  As always you can find out more information about our shows by visiting our calendar page for more information.

A little information about the kangaroo:

A kangaroo is a marsupial from the family Macropodidae (macropods, meaning ‘large foot’). In common use the term is used to describe the largest species from this family, especially those of the genus Macropus, red kangaroo, antilopine kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo and western grey kangaroo. Kangaroos are endemic to the country of Australia. The smaller macropods are found in Australia and New Guinea.