Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo is a bi-monthly show that plays host to vendors from all over the midwest. You can find a full list of our vendors on the Vendor List under Show Information in the navigation menu. We are open from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on show days which you can find on the Expo Calendar. Admission is $5 for ages 11 and up. Children 10 and under are FREE (must be accompanied by a paid adult) and as always we have FREE parking. Also please note, any visitors bringing more 4 animals or more will be charged a $15 admission.

Whether you are looking for a new pet, need some feeders, or want a chance to see some animals up close and personal the All Animal Expo is the place to be.  We are also very proud to be one of the only shows to have a vet at every show.  You can find more information about the vet below!

Chicagoland Mobile Veterinary Services

Chicagoland Mobile Veterinary Services
Mailing Address:
Chicagoland Mobile Veterinary Services
P.O. Box 7069
Algonquin, IL. 60102
Dr. Jason OlechDr. Jason Olech
  • Save $10 off on your pets annual wellness exam when you bring them to the Scott Smith All Animal Expo.
  • We offer Patient Consultations, Vaccinations, On-Site Fecal Analysis and On-Site Sample Collection for Laboratory Testing.
  • We are located directly across from admissions, facing the admissions table.


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If your pet is sick or in need of immediate medical care, please DO NOT risk endangering other healthy animals by bringing them to the All Animal Expo.
Instead, contact Chicagoland Mobile Veterinary Services directly to schedule your next house call appointment today.
Please bring a disposable copy of your permit for animals that require a USDA, DNR, Furbearer’s, or Endangered & Threatened Species Permit for legal ownership.[/action]


Chicago has passed an ordinance that forbids pet shops in the city from buying puppies from “puppy mills”. They are only allowed to get their animals from shelters and rescues.

Did you know that PETA supports the automatic killing of “pit bulls” whenever they arrive at an animal shelter? Ingrid Newkirk, their president, wrote a op-ed piece for the SFGate. You can read the article here.