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What a great show we had this past Sunday with the Venom Hunters. Did you know that they filmed an episode for SnakeBytes TV?  Watch below where Brian Barczyk and Chewy from SnakeBytesTV meet a ton of amazing animals.  They also provide a lot of about animals from Brian, Chewy, exotic animal rescues, reptile rescues and other animal lovers like you.  The video shows a Burmese python, a Colombian common boa constrictor, Green winged Macaw, Amazon tree boa, a Leopard Gecko, a Mexican Black King snake, tarantula, Savannah monitor, Black and white Argentine Tegus, skunk, Terrapin turtles , a baby Cuban boa, Sphinx cat, and Green Iguana. Learn why you need to educate yourself before keeping an alternative pet. Check out the amazing work that exotic animal rescues and reptile rescues are doing.

Thank you Brian and Chewy and the rest of their crew for helping make our last show a great success and wonderful experience for all of those who attended!  Be sure to check them out on their new show Venom Hunters on Discovery Channel.  You can also find them on  Facebook and Twitter.