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Scott Smiths All Animal Expo | Come for the animals, stay for the comradery!


Wild Bill's Exotics at Scott Smith's All Animal Expo September 20th 2015

Wild Bills Exotics at the All Animal Expo 9/20/2015!

Wild Bills Exotics is coming back to Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo this Sunday 9/20!  Wild Bill will be bringing everything from a small roughneck monitor to a 7-foot sulfur monitor, a gila monster and a beaded lizard. Wild Bill’s Exotics are known for their dedication to educating the public by assisting zoos, schools, & natural […] Read More

Wild Bill’s Exotics at the All Animal Expo 8/16/2015!

Wild Bill’s Exotics is coming to Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo next Sunday 8/16!  They will be bringing with them a wide variety of hot snakes–cobras, pit vipers, rattlesnakes. They also have a lot of morphs as well. Wild Bill’s will be holding an educational discussion about their snakes at noon so make sure to come […] Read More

Christmas Show December 21st!

We are excited to announce we will be having penguins at our Christmas show on 12/21/2014!  This will be a show you do not want to miss, bring the whole family for fun with animals and even Santa Claus!

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