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Scott Smiths All Animal Expo | Come for the animals, stay for the comradery!

Venom Hunters at Scott Smiths All Animal Expo

Did you meet the Venom Hunters at our last show?

What a great show we had this past Sunday with the Venom Hunters. Did you know that they filmed an episode for SnakeBytes TV?  Watch below where Brian Barczyk and Chewy from SnakeBytesTV meet a ton of amazing animals.  They also provide a lot of about animals from Brian, Chewy, exotic animal rescues, reptile rescues and […] Read More

Santa Alligator

Time to play Santa Paws with Santa Claus!

So many animal shelters are seeking donations–not just of money, but of supplies. So, the AAE will be collecting a variety of items at the show on Sunday, December 20th. Please help! General needs: blankets and comforters, bleach, newspapers (the large sheets, not ads), paper towels, wipes, small animal baby bottles and nursers. Cats: toys, […] Read More

Scott Smiths All Animal Expo 2016 Show Dates

2016 All Animal Expo Dates!

Mark you calendars! The 2016 shows dates are now posted.  You can view all of the upcoming show dates from our website and if you’d like pick up a fridge magnet while available at the front door! Dates are as follows: Saturdays 2016 Sundays 2016 January 2nd January 17th February 6th February 21st March 5th […] Read More

Baby Giraffes Scott Smiths All Animal Expo

Baby Giraffes at the All Animal Expo November 15th, 2015!

Scott Smith and Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin are at it again! Do you remember the Kangaroos that were at the Expo January 18th of this year? Did you miss it?  Well you won’t want to miss this. Baby Giraffes will be at the All Animal Expo this Sunday November 15th!!! Make sure to come early as Timbavati and […] Read More